Oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history, born again Christian and entrepreneur George Foreman knows a thing or two about bouncing back.

As well as being all of the above Foreman comes across as a knowledgeable man of the mind too.

According to latest human comprehension and perception of best practice mental health at least.

When Foreman came unstuck in the famous ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ it would have been easy for him to crumble.

It marked the first loss of his career in 1974. His aura of invincibility was gone.

Instead of falling to pieces however, he got straight back on the horse and took on Ron Lyle no less immediately.

He won the fight by knockout and erased any bad memory from Ali.

A real lesson in positive thinking and creating new, positive memories straight after what could have been traumatic for him in the Ali loss.

Speaking on Twitter this is what he said to one fan who asked how he recovered from the Ali loss:

Another nugget of wisdom from the God fearing, humble and very likable Foreman.

For exact reference to how he did the above — here’s how:


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