Teddy Atlas Gives Roy Jones Chilling Warning About Mike Tyson

Teddy Atlas Gives Roy Jones Chilling Warning About Mike Tyson

Renowned trainer, analyst and boxing personality Teddy Atlas knows a thing or too about Mike Tyson.

Having trained Mike Tyson from a young age and having put him into various exhibitions back in the day he knows first hand Tyson’s mentality towards these type of bouts.

Tyson and fellow boxing legend Roy Jones will meet in an exhibition next month on September 12th in California in what is expected to be a light affair where the two will take it as a spar.

However it is being put on pay per view so many won’t be tuning in just to see a spar.

No doubt some will expect some heavier action in what is one of the biggest stories in boxing in recent times since the sport’s return.

Atlas while speaking on his podcast ‘The Fight with Teddy Atlas’ had a stern warning to Jones:

“Like I said, I’ve been to exhibitions with Mike Tyson and they didn’t end well for the other guy.”

He added:

“It was an exhibition of how fast he could hit you on the chin and knock you dead.”

Both guys appear to be training hard ahead of next month at the moment and if nothing else it will draw a lot of eyes to the sport of boxing.

For a look back on the days Atlas referred to with Tyson check this out below.

Quite the knockout and punchline at the end:



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