Trainer Inspires Heavyweight With Weird Mid Fight Comment

Trainer Inspires Heavyweight With Weird Mid Fight Comment

You know, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

That’s a given.

But occasionally in boxing given the sheer spectrum of characters the sport has within its ranks you get some of the funniest and odd comments at times.

One came in the form of a mid fight pep talk at the latest installment from the boys and girls at Top Rank this weekend at the MGM in Vegas.

Heavyweight Carlos Takam went on to record a solid points win but on route to it a rather sharp, and certainly a good sense of humored person at Top Rank caught this mid fight:

Great stuff.

Kind of reminded me of this:

Back in my red meat eating (another f***** thing I got addicted to what a f****** joke I am) days I was certainly fond of the old roast beef sandwiches.

Heck, whatever motivates a fighter or works for him!

On a serious note, much respect.

Great boxing action last night opposed to the trash that drew terrible ratings recently on ESPN.

That’s a bit more like it.

Keep it up.

On a quick travel note, still going strong with most (99% of my) addictions gone now for over 2 full months here in lovely Budapest.

Bar a very minor blip with one addiction mid week caused by feeling lead on by some young, childish spoiled little Hungarian b****

22 was too young for me anyway, what was I thinking speaking to her.

Waste of time. Women only in around my age or slightly older now 100% unless they prove mentally they are not a kid in mind.

Rejection in anything or losing at anything since a kid always was always my worst thing in life.

Too much sun drained my central nervous system also and being around too many strangers just got on my nerves eventually.

I was born a winner and will die one. While talking is cool — actions are more important ultimately.

I know that now moving forward anyway.

All good. A little bit of a scrape with some Hungarian bum but I am fine.

I honestly hope he is too, just hit him the once back in return and that was it then.

The ole Hungarians are grand.

People warned me about them not being great people and not well liked but I’ve met much worse.

They are okay so far but will keep everyone updated.

I have met some cool ones too also.

Budapest is okay so far. Once again, will keep people updated.

As for boxing, keep an eye over the coming days on more of the big stuff in the UK and US that is starting to enfold again.

Slowly but surely. God is good.

Don’t worry boxing will come back.