Gervonta Tank Davis Leaks New Sparring Footage

Gervonta Tank Davis Leaks New Sparring Footage

Gervonta Davis is staying ready at the moment as he gets ready for his next fight.

Set to be officially put together and announced soon.

The young American boxing sensation has been building a pretty cool fan base in recent years in fairness.

On top of this, his explosive, big hitting style has obviously won him plenty of fans.

Following the last few months been rather crazy for the world Davis must get the feeling he is due to be back in the ring soon in the coming months.

He has leaked the following sparring footage which is getting a lot of attention:

(Hat tip Fight Hype)

Not bad at all in fairness.

At this time 25-year-old possess a professional boxing record of 23-0-22 KO.

No doubt he’ll be back in the ring doing his thing sooner rather than later.

On a quick travel note, all is well.

I have met one or two bums and stupid people here in Budapest so far, still deciding what to do with this place and Hungary but will decide Monday.

We will see, have showed mercy so far.

Good people here too but being around strangers very hard to work at the moment on here to be honest.

Need space to think, work and connect with God.

Another thing, when I got here I saw the country has some energy drink called Hell which disgusted me straight away.

I presume its just a marketing gimmick but God help the owner of the company or any of his business partners if he is stupid enough to come across me or any of my people.

Terrible name for a drink and terrible marketing.

On a bright note, great weather at the moment thank God.

We should be on here more and more this weekend.

On a final travel note, forgot to upload this pretty cool photo recently from Italy:

Boxing is now pretty much back — although it will be a little slow to start over the coming weeks and months.

Keep the faith. God is good.

Have a good one, folks.