Move Made By Floyd Mayweather Says A Lot About His Character

move made by floyd mayweather says a lot about his character

The world has been experiencing a turbulent time in 2020 so far.

A reminder that anything can happen at anytime and that folks are not in control as much as they think they are.

The United States is currently experiencing anarchy and social disruption the likes of which it has never seen following the murder of American citizen George Floyd by a police officer.

Another Floyd, one of boxing’s most famed fighting sons no less, former pound for pound champion Floyd Mayweather has stepped up to the plate to pay for the funeral of George Floyd.

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By all accounts this generous offer has been accepted by the family of George Floyd.

Times like this forge character and make you stronger if it doesn’t kill you.

Whatever happens in 2020 if people take it as a learning lesson no doubt it will make many stronger and hopefully the world will become a better place.

As for Mayweather, the above move says a lot really about his character.

A very good move to see from someone in the sport of boxing too as many within the sport continue to drum up support for George Floyd.