Mike Tyson Comes Clean About Teddy Atlas Once And For All

Mike Tyson Comes Clean About Teddy Atlas Once And For All

It has been well documented in recent times, perhaps on one side more than the other, that former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and renowned trainer Teddy Atlas have not seen eye to eye over the years.

Atlas trained Tyson in his very younger days but a dispute between the two caused head trainer at the time of Tyson, Cus D’Amato, to remove Atlas from the team.

Its so long ago though when you consider that happened when Tyson was in his teens and he’s now in his 50’s.

Slowly but surely it appears Atlas is finally starting to move on from his bitterness towards Tyson.

On Tyson’s part he’s come clean on the matter now and in a classy way, too.

Speaking on his podcast ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’ the New York native said:

“I don’t know. I love Teddy. Yeah. I don’t care how mad he gets because if it wasn’t for Teddy I wouldn’t be who I am basically. I can’t get angry at him.”

Nice move.

Recently Tyson had been linked with a comeback to boxing in the form of an exhibition.

It would appear that is losing momentum at the moment however.

Perhaps it is for the best.

For a stroll down memory lane regarding Atlas and Tyson check this out of when the pair were at the junior Olympics in Tyson’s very young days:


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