Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield Could Be Onto Something Genius

In recent days more and more speculation in the boxing world continues to churn in favor of a possible comeback (of sorts) pertaining to two of the sport’s more famed fighting sons.

Once bitter rivals in the ring, heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield have mentioned that they are in training for possible exhibition bouts.

Not mentioning one another by name but surely they must be planning a getting together in the ring?

In a time where boxing and the world of sports faces so much uncertainity in how it will return in the future, an exhibition between the two could be a genius idea really in getting people talking about boxing again.

Two legends of the ring – they made world headlines when they fought back in the day.

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In no part down to a famous ear biting incident that captivated the world with its graphic intrigue.

Now on the other side of 50 fair play to both guys in this genius bit of PR for them if indeed this is what they are planning on.

Good for them and certainly something that will create a whole bunch of attention for boxing too.

Don’t expect it to be more than a three or four round exhibition however if they do get in the ring again.

Here’s what happened the first time they fought back in the day: