Keith Thurman Brutally Honest On Adrien Broner

Keith Thurman Brutally Honest On Adrien Broner

Keith Thurman has been keeping it real with fans on social media during the lock down at the moment.

His last fight saw him lost to the rejuvenated Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao last year in Vegas.

When the sport returns Florida native Thurman appears to have his eye on three main names:

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A rather left-field fight mentioned by fans to Thurman however was also one with Adrien Broner.

The polarizing figure in the sport (Broner) although has not been doing well in the ring in recent years, if nothing else still brings a lot of attention and money to his fights.

Thurman was keen to play things down however and was brutally honest with his fellow promotional stablemate:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

It is not known yet when boxing will return or indeed when anything events-wise will be back.

It could be some time.

A lot of questions will exist in terms of health and safety and also from a demand perspective will fans want to travel for a while as well is another thing.