Mike Tyson Makes A Sincere Disclosure About His Boxing Career

Mike Tyson Makes A Sincere Disclosure About His Boxing Career

Happy Easter to boxing readers around the world today.

During a bizarre time for the world amid the world health pandemic pro boxers and figures in the sport have been taking time out to reflect and pause.

It is thought that the boxing calendar might not resume for some time now.

Indeed, there are more important things happening in the world given the current pandemic anyway.

A period perhaps where everyone can work on themselves, take time out and keep it real on what’s important in life to them.

One of the sport’s most famous faces, youngest heavyweight champion in history Mike Tyson has been in deep mood lately.

Speaking to recording artist Trina on the latest episode of his podcast Tyson opened up on the pressures of his former acclaimed boxing career.

A run that saw him compile perhaps as much wealth and fame as any professional athlete in history.

Speaking on his podcast looking back on it all Tyson had this to say:

“I had all that money (during my boxing career) and I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t think I deserved it. What the f*** am I doing with all of this? I was just some s*** with pimps and hoes. What am I doing with all this fame and power? Stop, please, leave me alone! No, seriously, leave me alone! Who the f*** are you? Stop! Stop! No one teaches you how to prepare for this s***. You know what I mean?”

Incredible stuff from a person once considered the baddest man on the planet by the media, now perhaps one of the most humble men the planet.

This podcast really is going from strength to strength and the full episode from the above can be found here on YouTube: