Floyd Mayweather Reacts To The Passing Of His Uncle Roger Mayweather

The boxing world is in mourning at the moment following the news that one of its famed fighting sons has passed.

Roger the ‘Black Mamba’ Mayweather made his name in the ring for knocking out Mexicans and becoming a two-weight world champion.

A piston jab and a nasty right hand, a fearsome fighter in his day.

Following on from his own career he went on to train his nephew and all-time great Floyd Mayweather to crazy highs in the boxing world.

A man who then went on to become one of the great trainers in the entire sport.

An always candid, witty and fun personality, Roger’s persona drew him to boxing fans the world over.

Floyd Mayweather through his promotional company Mayweather Promotions has released the following reaction to the passing of his uncle:

Indeed, it has been a very painful time for Floyd Mayweather these past few days.

He also grieving for his former partner and the mother of three of his children who died in recent days.

Deepest condolences to the Mayweather family.

A quick stroll down memory lane for a moment. Roger and Floyd, a great double act that won’t be forgotten.

No doubt about that.

Roger in many ways revolitionized how pad work is done in the sport by many trainers today copying what him and Floyd used to do.

You won’t hear many talking about that but it’s a fact.

Here’s that stroll down memory lane to remember why: (hat tip Fight Hub TV YouTube)

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