You know, when one looks at where Tyson Fury was just a few years ago to where he is today — it really does show that anything is possible.

A remarkable comeback by any standard.

Fury only a few years ago was out of his head, essentially, for a few years, on crazy amounts of alcohol and drugs.

Perhaps in his heart of hearts he’d concede he wasn’t even there really looking back on it now.

The lights were on but nobody was home during a dark period for him.

His battles with suicide attempts, major depression and balooning up in weight to incredible amounts resulted in near death for him.

To think that he’d ever get in a boxing ring again back then was out of the question entirely.

In fact, to think he could just return to being fit, healthy and happy in life again seemed extremley unlikely too.

Tonight, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will light up the strip of Las Vegas in one of the biggest fights in years.

This video really does show just how far Fury has come:

An incredible story really. One which will go down in boxing history long after he is gone.

Will it be total redemption for ‘The Gypsy King’ tonight in Las Vegas?

Not long and we’ll find out. What a fight we have in store.

Roll on the big one tonight.

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