Wilder Fury 2 Stream, Date, Location, Time, PPV Price, Purse

Wilder Fury 2 Stream, Date, Location, Time, PPV Price, Purse

Ah yes — another big fight week is upon us.

This one is a bit different though.

A bit more special than in a long time perhaps.

Experience has taught me in life that through God all things are possible — I’ve had it reaffirmed enough tangibly so many times around the world in all walks of life to know it to be true at this stage of the game.

In my opinion, by the end of this week, the world could once again be talking about the sport of boxing in the masses but crucially — in a positive light.

Not the usual negative one.

If you might indulge me for a second.

People could care about boxing again after this weekend for a number of reasons in my humble opinion.

First off, this weekend will see arguably two of the best heavyweights in the world in the form of WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and lineal champion Tyson Fury doing battle for a second time.

But the thing is, they’re also up there for two of the best characters in the sport too.

Two genuinely charismatic fellas who really possess a great clash of fights styles which made for a massively entertaining fight last time out.

On top of that, they’re perhaps spearheading what is a revival in heavyweight boxing at the moment in America.

Traditionally boxing’s glamor division in traditionally boxing’s home as a sport with Vegas regarded as the fight capital of the world by many.

Moreover, they’re doing so with an unusually large microphone to let the world know about this weekend as well.

The good folks at BT Sport in the UK (hat tip) have done an incredible job with their coverage and content recently for the fight.

Definitely getting people talking.

But for the first time ever in the sport’s history — gargantuan American media titans ESPN and Fox will work together jointly on a pay per view this weekend in boxing.

Upon initial inspection they look to be giving boxing the same treatment they do every sport which is nice to see.

With all that being said — here are the particulars you need to know going into the big one on Saturday:

Wilder Fury 2 Date

Saturday Feb 22nd, 2020.

Wilder Fury 2 Time

First bell is expected 9 pm local time in Vegas on the West Coast.

6 pm on the East Coast.

Wilder Fury 2 Location

MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Wilder Fury 2 PPV Price


Wilder Fury 2 Purse

The purse this weekend will be largely dependant on how the fight does on pay per view.

What we do know, however, is whatever number of pay per view buys the event does — the deal is to let both fighters and their teams split it 50/50 down the middle.

The way it should be in a fight like this.

Wilder Fury 2 Stream

The Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2 event will be available to live stream for subscribers of the ESPN plus app.

An app that recently sky rocketed in downloads following the return of MMA star Conor McGregor in the UFC.

The fight this weekend will also be available for those that have the Fox Sports app in a mammoth joint streaming deal.

The likes of which boxing has never seen before.