Deontay Wilder Makes Big Admission Ahead Of Tyson Fury Rematch

You know, we all get it wrong sometimes.

Everyone makes mistakes as they say.

Perhaps no one can hand on heart say they thought Tyson Fury would do what he did in his first fight with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder a couple of years back.

A bout he was totally written off in before hand.

Other than his close inner circle.

A fight that ultimately ended in a draw but a bout that really captured people’s attention and got people talking about heavyweight boxing a bit more.

Fury in the eyes of many did enough to get the nod on the scorecards that night but alas he didn’t.

On February 22nd he’ll have the chance to right what he perceived as a significant wrong done to him by the judges that night.

With that being said, not many realize that Deontay had something wrong with him going into the fight that night.

The main tool of his trade as a boxer no less.

One of his hands.

The WBC heavyweight champion revealed that he actually broke his hand before their last bout (hat tip BT):

Many tip Fury as the favorite to win on February 22nd in Las Vegas but at this stage, and this thing has been wrecking my head for weeks now, I still can’t rule out a vicious Wilder knockout victory.

I just can’t.

When you look at some of his knockouts only last year that right hand just can’t be ignored.

Fury appears to be genuine about wanting to not leave the fight in the hands of the judges this time round but perhaps a more wise ploy, if he’s really going to throw heavy shots like that — might be to get close to Wilder and actually smother the Alabama man’s work on the inside.

Last time out Fury used his slightly better reach on the outside to make Wilder miss but maybe roughing him up on the inside might prove fruitful when you consider Deontay needs space to land that big right hand down the middle.

All in all, an intriguing mix of heavyweight questions that we’ll get the answer to as fans in just ten days time.