Antonio Brown Boxing Video Gets People Talking

Antonio Brown Boxing Video Gets People Talking

In the ultra hype driven boxing era that we are now in — it appears YouTube and celebrity boxing is not going away anytime soon.

That said, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be consistently happening either at the same time.

The KSI vs Logan Paul fights in recent memory seemed to cause a lot of stir in the boxing world.

Mainly in terms of having them on the same cards as pro boxers.

All in all, I don’t think it did much harm, or indeed a whole lot of new fans either for boxing.

It drove numbers at the time but how many of those fans are now watching real professional boxing as a result?

Indeed, how many new fans follow boxing now as a result of celebrities or You Tubers fighting one another is hard metric to track in fairness.

One thing is for sure, though — they get people talking at the time.

The latest video from American football player Antonio Brown has really gotten people talking online (hat tip ES News YouTube):

Here’s some of the sentiment being expressed both in the boxing community and further afield to the video so far: