Deontay Wilder Reveals His Chilling Plan For Tyson Fury In Their Rematch

Deontay Wilder Reveals His Chilling Plan For Tyson Fury In Their Rematch

The build up to Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2 is in full swing following this week’s press conference in LA with both men clearly already focused on fight night next month.

On February 22nd in Las Vegas the pair will again do battle for the WBC heavyweight championship of the world on a gargantuan joint pay per view on Fox and ESPN.

The likes of which has never been seen before in the sport as regards this type of coming together between such huge media conglomerates.

Interestingly, Fury has opened up as favorite with the sports books despite perhaps less than competitive opposition faced last year when compared with Wilder.

Moreover, he’s also said he’s training to knock Wilder out and take the fight too him.

So, sports books clearly think off the back of their last fight, a bout many believed Fury deserved to win (but ended in a draw) — that the Manchester man has what it takes to become WBC heavyweight champion this time round.

Speaking in an open media scrum to reporters Wilder responded to Fury’s round 2 knockout promise by saying:

“Can you believe that?”

He added that he has some very chilling plans inedded for Fury:

“You know, my visualization is always, I’m meditating on me doing the right things. How I’m preparing myself. The preparation in general for the fight. I always visualize everything that we go through and trained for. I always visualize myself knocking a guy out and where he lays.”

He concluded:

“With this fight I see him (Fury), he’s either going to be in two place — he’s either going to be on the canvas in an awkward position like all my fighters do when they land on the canvas, or else he’s going to be outside the canvas. I like him getting knocked out of the canvas better than him being inside it because you’re (Fury) in WWE so we’re going to make it more realistic for him.”