Tyson Fury Strategy For Deontay Wilder Rematch Seems Insane

Tyson Fury Strategy For Deontay Wilder Rematch Seems Insane

The Tyson Fury strategy for Deontay Wilder ahead of their rematch seems totally suicidal upon first inspection.

In that, essentially, according to multiple reports and social media posts at least — he’s looking to take Wilder head on and try to knock him out.

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is one of the most vicious punching men that has ever lived.

Surely, surely, Fury can’t be thinking of really doing that?

While I’m never one to underestimate the Gypsy King, one of the smartest boxers of his generation, it seems to be a very hasty strategy and turn of events overall in recent weeks.

Parting company with respected young trainer Ben Davison while done so for career reasons and with mutual respect on both sides, by all accounts with Fury now basing himself out in the US with new trainer Sugar Hill — the whole thing just seems a little bit rushed.

Indeed, former world champion Andy Lee looks to be now in Fury’s corner for the Wilder rematch too.

The respected Limerick man from Ireland apparently is suggesting to bring back Davison into the fold.

Look, this is heavyweight boxing.

One punch landed either way can spell curtains for any of these top tier professional heavyweight fighters but the thing is, Wilder can take a shot and he literally waits an entire fight sometimes just for that split second mistake to take someone out.

If Tyson looks to over chase a knockout (as opposed to letting the knockout come if it comes) he’ll be putting himself in harms way more then usual and giving Wilder that extra split second to land one of those big bombs.

That split second is all he needs.

Part of me thinks that this could just be a smokescreen in the media by Fury to try to mess with Wilder’s head and throw him off.

On the other-hand, maybe he’s spotted something that he believes can be exploited.

Moreover, in another line of thinking, consider this suggestion.

With reports of there being a third fight in the making between the two in the summer regardless of the result of the rematch next February — perhaps Tyson is just thinking to himself — what the heck?

Maybe I’ll just try to chin him clean in the rematch and if it doesn’t work there’s always the third fight anyway to make things right.

Either way, expect an announcement for the rematch very, very shortly and when it hits, it’s going to be big.

By all accounts a dual pay per view by Fox and ESPN.