Andre Berto Brutally Honest Reaction To Chavez Jr vs Jacobs Is Spot On

Chavez Jr vs Jacobs

Chavez Jr vs Jacobs this past Friday night proved to be an abomination for both Chavez Jr and the sport of boxing’s credibility.

You know, sometimes, just sometimes, you get s*** shows and clowns in both work and indeed all walks of life.

But this past Friday was a real special one.

A uniquely moronic feel the whole way through. Real amateur hour stuff.

As you get older in life, experience teaches you a few things.

One of them being to resist the urge to laugh in some of these joker’s faces and just quietly bite the tongue and say to one’s self, forgive him/her father, this simple Simon mother f***** do not know what they do.

As regards this weekend’s Chavez Jr Jacobs Jr fight, in the words of a certain Mick Conlan — there was a real ‘stink to the core’, if you will.

Professional boxers and pundits within the boxing world have been unanimous in their condemnation of former champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr’s actions this weekend.

His own father’s reaction speaks volumes here.

Perhaps though, former world champion Andre Berto summed it up best:

Similar sentiment and perception has been shared elsewhere from other notable figures and fighters in the sport:

Lets move on and put this Friday night in Phoenix behind us.

Everyone makes mistakes and the past is only useful if it is learned from and quickly moved on from, in the grand scheme of things.

Let this be the last we mention of Chavez Jr vs Jacobs.

On a positive note, Charlo vs Harrison tonight promises to restore some of the fun in boxing this holiday season.

Keep the faith!