Boxing In America and Its Place In Modern Day Sports

Boxing In America

Networks and Landscape

Boxing in America has had a lot of ups and downs in 2019 when I sit back and analyze it all.

While we didn’t see an undisputed heavyweight champion crowned in 2019 – it wasn’t a bad year.

There were still plenty of positives to take away from 2019.

Overall looking back on the year, in many ways, boxing in America is at an all-time high in terms of fighter purses being very strong.

Moreover, the sport is available on a plethora of television and digital platforms for fight fans to enjoy.


While American promoters continue to venture outside of the United States with international events the likes of Las Vegas, New York and California still (and will continue to) remain very strong hubs for professional boxing.

In 2020 and beyond it would be nice to see other States drumming up buzz for boxing too though.

Boxing in America should become more nationwide in terms of big events in my view.

My research indicates Arizona, Florida, Chicago, Washington, New Jersey, Atlanta, Houston and Dallas in particular all have big potential for boxing shows at this time.

This is all predicated on high quality match ups being made to generate the appropriate buzz and interest needed to make such events a win-win for the fighters, fans and organizers of course.

If there is a minor negative to concede at the moment — perhaps herein lies some of the problem in terms of making the big fights.

An endeavor that continues to be difficult at times between the rival networks and promoters.

That being said, there seems to be renewed energy from certain American gentlemen to work together moving forward to get some of these exciting fights done and made.

Dana White of the UFC is also finally set to get into boxing in 2020.

Expect there to be some notable movement there too pertaining to interesting bouts that could be made.

The UFC hype machine and one of the best fight promoters of all time would both be welcome additions to growing the sport in the country and worldwide.

As an aside note, there still seems to be some pessimism by some boxing folks regarding there not being enough interest at the gate at events in the States.

This mentality should be quickly forgotten about and moved on from as soon as possible.

In terms of getting rid of the negativity in the culture of boxing, it is now imperative that the sport is showcased in a more positive light.

With respect — f*** the past.

Let’s not live in it anymore and move on.

Life is way too short, after all.

Time To Move On

2020 and beyond will be huge for the sport of boxing in the US and abroad.

But let us not forget Americans are passionate people too. They love their sports as well.

Boxing should be no different to any other sport if packaged and marketed correctly.

For any confirmation of this love of sports in America in 2019 just check out the buzz sports fans in America had for one of the best stories of the year.

A moment when golfer Tiger Woods came back (as I knew he would I humbly say) this year at the Masters with this:

You can’t keep a good man down.

All American boxing promoters could learn a thing or two from the above in my opinion.

You know, the thing I love about America and Americans in general, especially when you get the right one, sometimes, just sometimes, they make you believe the impossible can be made possible.

That almost intangible and unidentifiable metric that sports and life can muster up sometimes (like the above) that supersedes all business, numbers and strategy.

The magic.

That universal spirit that animates and binds all things in existence together yet can’t be seen or touched.

Sports produce it more than anywhere in life or business, perhaps.

Boxing, at its best — does it better than any in my view.

The buzz and high is unbeatable compared to anything or any job I’ve experienced in life at least.

I’m sure many fellow boxing nuts would say the same. Perhaps boxing is the ultimate drug for those who love it.

The reason and energy that brings us all together in the love of this great sport at the end of the day.

Sometimes in sport, as in life, there are wow moments that transcend all business, academic theorists, men of science or that agents of the State can account for like the one above.

Boxing In America Looks Bright For 2020 and Beyond

With networks like ESPN, DAZN, Showtime and Fox in the sport now — efforts should really be made to grow it again.

Renewed energy with fresh ideas to get a bit more creative and exciting in the production of boxing across all facets and verticals.

Worldwide too.

Overall, boxing is an important sport for humanity in that it does so much positive for local communities around the world.

For young men and women alike at amateur grassroots level it teaches young adults the values of hard work, discipline and respect.

Life lessons that can go with them throughout their life times as functional, productive and positive members of their respective societies.

At the highest level in professional fighting, it gives hope to people and improves lives for those from unprivileged backgrounds in all nations.

The sweet science inspires those who take heart from their pursuit of happiness in life of becoming the champion of the world.

Or to simply be the best at whatever it is they do.

That unbreakable idea should always be protected for the good of humanity in my humble opinion.

Now, boxing really needs a big story to catapult itself back into the mainstream pantheon of sports.

The Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Namely a super fight for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world.

With Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury having fought in a huge event in February this year we’re edging closer to this all the time.

The winner has to fight Anthony Joshua before 2020 is out to really create that captivating, almost supernatural moment of wizardry for boxing in America and around the world to drive the sport forward.

Admittedly, something that would help boxing complete what has been a compelling transition back to popularity in recent years.

Little by little.

Bit by bit.

We’re starting to get there with this thing now.

I know I say it every year on here but I genuinely think 2020 could be the big one we’ve been waiting on for years in the sport.

2020 promises to be a colossal, mega year for boxing in America.

The next ten years could be special.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the return of boxing’s popularity to the masses in the coming years.

Something we’ve talked about time and time again on here over the years.

God is good.

Roll on 2020 and beyond.