Terence Crawford Reveals Text Errol Spence Sent Him After Car Crash

Terence Crawford Reveals Text Errol Spence Sent Him After Car Crash

The sport of boxing is setting up nicely for a mammoth year in 2020 in no small part because of the renewed public interest in the sport’s traditional glamor division (heavyweight).

But away from Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua battling it out to prove who really is the best heavyweight in the world — the welterweight division is also bubbling away nicely just beneath the surface with equal intrigue.

It’s two premier fighting sons in Terence Crawford and Errol Spence have continued to impress in recent years and have built some genuine, credible buzz in America, and the world over, about a showdown between the two.

People are complaining about ticket sales at pro boxing events at the moment in the US but mark my words, Spence vs Crawford would sell out any venue in 2020 at the gate.

Without any comps either.

With that being said, the latter (Spence) has a lot more on his mind than just boxing at the moment.

Following his latest win in the ring this year the talented Texan was involved in a horrific car crash where his Ferrari ejected him from the vehicle right through the windscreen.

Miraculously, he walked away unharmed.

In the aftermath it is unclear when Spence will return to the ring but one suspects if he fights in 2020 that it will be a relatively keep busy type fight first up.

Speaking to the folks at Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) his rival Terence Crawford revealed the text Spence sent him after the crash:

Both fighters are still considered the best two welterweights in the world at this time.

Spence currently fights on Fox and Crawford on ESPN.

This divide however could be broke down first when fellow promotional stablemates Tyson Fury and (WBC heavyweight champion) Deontay Wilder battle in the early new year in what is expected to be a dual broadcast pay per view by the mammoth networks of ESPN and Fox combined.

If that goes well, logically speaking, an event and showdown between Spence and Crawford could, and should, happen in a similar way at some point.

It would make plenty of sense and give boxing fans one of the real thrillers that they crave in 2020.