George Foreman Reveals Who He Thinks The Best Boxer In The World Today Is

Former heavyweight champion of the world George Foreman, once a knockout fist wielding beast in the ring — still remains an avid fight fan to this day.

Big George back in his day became famed for his punching power which on one occasion literally lifted Hall of Famer Joe Frazier (RIP) off his feet with an uppercut.

An incredible puncher who also came back later in life a reformed, more mellow character after becoming a born again Christian, who still to this day is the oldest heavyweight champion on record (45).

Out of today’s fighters however Foreman reckons Canelo Alvarez is the best fighter in the world with Deontay Wilder being the best American boxer in his view:

Alvarez recently moved up to light-heavyweight to knock out Russian Sergey Kovalev.

Wilder last weekend recorded his second win over avoided Cuban Luis Ortiz via a 7th round straight right hand knockout.

For those not familiar with some of George Foreman’s knockouts here’s a quick (and eventful) stroll down memory lane:

An awesome fighter.

No doubt about it.

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