Wilder vs Ortiz 2 Live Reaction To Huge Knockout Punch

The main event tonight between Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas took place a short time ago.

Tonight’s bout was a rematch between the two that had so many implications for the heavyweight division moving forward.

For Wilder, if he won, a massive rematch with Tyson Fury awaited just next February.

For Cuban Ortiz, a chance to rip up that script and throw a huge spanner in the works of the heavyweight division.

Coming into the fight many commented on how hard Ortiz had trained for the fight as he was considerably more muscular and less flabby than when the pair first fought.

Wilder knew that he needed his A-Game tonight with his big Fury rematch at stake.

As well his undefeated record and quest next year to become undisputed heavyweight champion.

In just two weeks Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr will also fight it out again for three versions of the heavyweight title on the line.

Wilder knew a win tonight was a must to have a shot at the winner in 2020 in a bid to once and for all decide who is the best heavyweight on the planet.

The first round tonight started out as a feeling out round. Ortiz took the round with a couple of decent left hands.

Ortiz went on to win rounds two and three for me. Slow pace but outworking Wilder.

Round 4 another strong round for Ortiz. Definitely winning the fight at this point.

The 5th was another Ortiz round for me.

Round 6 was the first one I gave Wilder.

Although it was a close one.

The thing is with Wilder though is that he has the biggest get out jail card in the book.

His one punch knockout power.

A knockout artist who can end a fight at any time and again tonight he produced it.

What a punch:

Incredible punching power and testament to Wilder perhaps being one of the biggest punching fighters boxing has ever seen.

Certainly one of the biggest punching heavyweights of this era in boxing.

Granted, he might not be as technically as competent a boxer as some of the other top fighters in the division but that said — who cares when you have that kind of power?

What a way to set up the Tyson Fury rematch in February.

Roll on.