Watch: Floyd Mayweather and Dana White Spotted Court Side – Boxing Link Up?

Floyd Mayweather and Dana White

Combat sports promoters Floyd Mayweather and Dana White could very well be up to something in the sport of boxing it would seem as the two have appeared to become good friends.

It’s no secret that White has signaled his intent in getting involved in the sport of boxing in recent months and with Mayweather living in his hometown of Las Vegas and owning a boxing promotional company, a link up between the two appears like a natural move.

Two polarizing figures but say what you want about them, two combat sports promoter geniuses.

The two were caught watching the Clippers-Celtics game courtside a short time ago:

White will need a number of quality professional boxers signed if he does go through with his plan to become a boxing promoter and Mayweather could likely help him in this regard.

From a PR point of view, the UFC hype machine that White has could likely help Mayweather in turn with promotion of his own fighters.

Of course, this is all hypothetical at this point and until Boston native White announces the signing of a major fighter and announces a major boxing fight for now his words are still speculation at this point.