Canelo’s 10 World Titles Resume At Age 29 Makes For Impressive Reading

Canelo's 10 World Titles Resume At Age 29 Makes For Impressive Reading

While there forever will be a number of fans who are not fond of Canelo Alvarez for various reasons, tonight the Mexican boxing star did all he could do and did so in impressive fashion where he deserves a lot of respect.

He stepped up to light-heavyweight and knocked out Sergey Kovalev at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Something not many expected him to do before hand, in fairness.

Sure, the promotion of the fight this week and how it went up against UFC tonight was a bit of a disaster.

But that being said, all in all, Canelo did what he had to do and got the win in sensational fashion in tonight’s boxing.

The following tweet from boxing writer Michael Benson (hat tip) sums up exactly all Canelo’s titles at just 29-years-old to date:

Impressive reading to say the least.

As things stand, Canelo still has plenty of years left in the sport.

Expect him to be one of the major faces in boxing for at least another five years.

Likely much longer.

Where he goes promotion-wise after this however will be interesting.

All week a well publicized rift between him and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya was highlighted.

The two appear to be on less than friendly terms at the moment.