George Foreman Sums Up It All Up On 45th Anniversary Of The Rumble In The Jungle

George Foreman Sums Up It All Up On 45th Anniversary Of The Rumble In The Jungle

They say life passes most by while they make grand plans for it and in boxing terms it’s a notion neither George Foreman or Muhammad Ali subscribed to really in their life times.

Two boxers and men who perhaps lived life to the full and took things a day at a time more than any during their respective reigns in professional boxing.

Fighters who rose to the very top of the world in their professions and passions in life.

Inspiring and helping many around the world along the way.

These days oldest heavyweight champion of the world George Foreman spends most of his time enjoying his well deserved retirement from the sport while the great Muhammad Ali although no longer with us in spirit or body, no doubt is in a happy place wherever he is now.

This week marked the pair’s epic encounter known forever as ‘The Rumble In The Jungle’ that took place 45 years ago on October 30th, 1974 in Zaire.

A brutal battle that ultimately saw the wit and heart of Ali outfox and out last the powerful Foreman who punched himself out before Ali stopped him in round 8.

Undoubtedly one the great sporting occasions of all time. Even to this day.

Foreman paid tribute to his late rival and the occasion by summing it all up on Twitter:

Next month the heavyweight title will once again be contested in a far away location from the norm of the United States of America and the United Kingdom when it is fought in a rematch between Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia on December 7th.

They’ll have a lot to live up to to come anything close to this mind you.

Here’s the full Ali vs Foreman battle.