Anthony Joshua Knockout Assessment By Andy Ruiz Jr Is Spot On

Anthony Joshua Knockout Assessment By Andy Ruiz Jr Is Spot On

Anthony Joshua Knockout By Ruiz Still Causing A Stir

When it comes to new heavyweight champion of the world (IBF, WBO and WBA) Andy Ruiz the following saying perhaps has never being more true:

“Never judge a book by its cover.”

In all walks of life those with experience will tell you that the above is very true.

Coming into his recent fight with former champion Anthony Joshua — Ruiz found himself the butt of many jokes online because of his physique.

Casual sports fans who don’t understand that boxing is a sweet science and about hitting and not getting hit, not a weight lifting or body building competition, couldn’t see past Ruiz’ belly.

They couldn’t get their heads around how a guy who looked like he hadn’t seen the gym in years was in fact not only super fit, fast and powerful but above all else — could really fight.

Andy Ruiz’ Anthony Joshua Knockout

The dust has settled on the fight a couple of weeks on but the following statement and video from Ruiz himself perhaps sums it up best:

Well said.

His Anthony Joshua knockout will serve as a constant reminder for sometime that boxing has always been about and will always be about skills.

Nine times out of ten the more skilled fighter wins a professional boxing match which also is in tandem with the old saying:

“A good boxer beats a good fighter.”

Ruiz now finds himself in negotiations for a rematch with Joshua later this year after the former champion activated the rematch clause in the fight contract.

The heavyweight division is blown wide open at the moment with Ruiz, Joshua, Deontay Wilder and one Tyson Fury all fighting it out at the top.

Fury returns to action tonight in his Las Vegas debut live on ESPN from the MGM Grand Arena against undefeated German Tom Schwarz.