Gervonta Davis Next Fight Continues A Smart Trend In Boxing

Gervonta Davis Next Fight Continues A Smart Trend In Boxing

Over the last year or two you’ll notice that well known fighters in America are more and more starting to fight more and more in their hometowns.

Sure, many of the super fights will always end up in places like Las Vegas, New York, Texas and California.

But the trend of more and more hometown fights for established names is showing no sign of slowing down as well.

A smart move really.

As before a boxer can become a mega super star in his country and then on a worldwide basis a loyal support base has to be built at home.

Too much emphasis has been put on building fighters outside of their hometowns over the years in place like Vegas and New York.

People forget that America isn’t just the bright lights of LA, Las Vegas or New York.

Far from it.

Those places make up just a tiny part of a country with a population of approximately 327 million residing in it.

Gervonta Davis Next Fight Confirmed

As for standout young talent Gervonta Davis he returns to action in his home of Baltimore on July 27th next up.

He takes on Panamanian Ricardo Nunez at the Royal Farms Arena live on Showtime.

It’s a fight ‘Tank’ should win but one he knows he can’t overlook.

Particularly should he wish to land a big fight before the year is out.

Davis’ handler Floyd Mayweather knows there is a long way to go just yet with the supremely gifted Davis who is still only 24.

If he does become what Mayweather thinks he can — building a loyal fanbase at home in Baltimore along the way will be helpful.

Although the culture is vastly different in the US there’s no reason why American fighters can’t build large hometown followings like fighters in Europe have done over the years.

A boxing fan is a boxing fan at the end of the day.

Put on good fights involving local fighters and people will follow.

Ultimately professional boxers need to sell tickets unless their fights can be subsidised by the ‘comp’ culture.

A culture that has long existed in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City for high roller gamblers who might get a fight ticket as part of their VIP gambling experience.

Some of whom may have little interest in what’s actually going on in the ring.

The live experience of a boxing event should always have passionate fans in attendance first and foremost.

Fans with a genuine interest in backing their hometown guy.