How Far Can Dave Allen Go?

How Far Can Dave Allen Go

This past Saturday night UK heavyweight Dave Allen produced a body shot at London’s 02 Arena that very few in the world would get up from over former WBA heavyweight champion Lucas Browne.

The knockout victory for ‘Dazzling’ Dave came a bit against the run of play in that prior to the last 30 seconds or so of the bout, he wasn’t really letting his hands go at all.

Something that has persisted in his career so far as a pro.

But, when he does choose to let his hands fly, he’s actually got some very solid power and as the body shot showed on Saturday night — plenty of accuracy behind it too.

The shot turned out to be something that both he and new trainer (former world champion) Darren Barker had worked on a lot in the lead up to the fight.

So it was no fluke as some have suggested and showed that Allen has more than a strong propensity to learn and develop as a fighter despite criticism of his lack of focus in the past.

In recent years Allen has built up an almost cult following in the sport off the back of his brutally honest, unbreakable and hugely entertaining personality.

But how far does he want to go in boxing?

Next up he could be matched with the likes of David Price or Dereck Chisora and if he were to win either of those bouts he could then be pitted in there conceivably against a top ten heavyweight like Alexander Povetkin or Joseph Parker.

Will Allen ever fight for a world title or win one in this era? Probably not but never say never.

With that being said, he’s already come a very long way from various issues he had in life in the past and has more than done well in his boxing career so far in landing numerous big fights.

More than anything, he’s a fighter to be celebrated for his positive, happy go lucky attitude and a young man who that turned his life around through the sport of boxing.

A fighter that showed that sometimes, even in the cesspool and vicious business that is the hurt game or professional boxing — that nice guys don’t always finished last.

Far, far from it in fact.