Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller has been widely reported to have now failed a total of three pre-fight drugs tests so far — before what was a scheduled bout between him and heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua on June 1st.

Many had given the New Yorker the benefit of the doubt after early reports this week regarding the first failed test but it has now been reported in multiple places that there has been three different substances on the banned list that he’s failed for now:

At this point it is hard to see Miller facing anything other than some sort of suspension from boxing.

To be fair though, at least he’s owned up to his mistakes on his Instagram post last night.

How many boxers and other pro athletes for that matter who have failed tests over the years have shrugged things off as not being their fault or whatever other excuse over the years?

Plenty of them is the answer. At least Miller is taking some responsibility.

Boxing fans however, as expected, have been putting him on blast following the third failed test getting reported:

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