Watch: 46-Year-Old Ricardo Mayorga Stopped By Debutant Pro Boxer

Ricardo Mayorga Stopped

Many will remember former world champion Ricardo Mayorga from Nicaragua as one of the most explosive and raw fighters perhaps from recent boxing memory.

A man who got in as many outside the ring brawls as he did professional fights in the ring.

From eating pizzas at weigh-ins, smoking cigars at weigh-ins, blowing cigar smoke into Shane Mosley’s face, to many other controversial moments in the sport — Mayorga isn’t a guy you’d forget quickly.

A real outside the boxer character in the sport of boxing, so to speak.

Ricardo Mayorga Stopped By Pro Debut Maker

Sadly however he’s still boxing at the age of 46 and this footage from over the weekend shows that he got stopped inside two rounds to a fighter who was only making his professional debut.

A fighter by the name of Lester Martinez.

Here’s the bout on YouTube (hat tip Canal de Boxeo):

Very sad to see a once proud world champion still having to fight on at this age.

Despite being involved in some major fights in the sport over the years.

One would hope this will be the last time Mayorga will fight as he could be risking serious health implications moving forward if he boxes on.

Ricardo Mayorga knocked out on this occasion but whatever happens from here on out — what a career he’s had.

In fairness.

A world champion with real knockout power at one time.

A wild, free swinging style that satiated many fight fans over the years.

One of the sport’s true characters for his time and whatever your view is of him — a boxer who always delivered entertainment in and out of the ring during his career.

No doubt about it.