Manny Pacquiao Following In Floyd Mayweather’s Japanese Footsteps

Manny Pacquiao Following In Floyd Mayweather's Japanese Footsteps

Not long ago, New Year’s Eve just gone no less, former pound for pound number one boxer in the world Floyd Mayweather fought a boxing exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

He won the contest in the very first round against opponent Tenshin and did so under the RIZIN promotional banner in Japan.

Now, Manny Pacquiao has followed suit and has been pictured signing a contract with the organization (above).

It is understood that Pacquiao will feature in some shape or form at the upcoming RIZIN April 21st show.

Although, it is not known in what capacity just yet.

The CEO of RIZIN has said a full announcement will be made shortly so expect something in the coming days.

Don’t be surprised either of Floyd Mayweather features in one of these promotions again at some point later this year in Japan.

Mayweather and Pacquiao have been consistently linked with a rematch against one another in recent times so it isn’t inconceivable that it could take place in Japan with RIZIN.

Would it be a professional boxing match however that would count on both of there records or would it be an exhibition of sorts?

Time will tell.