Prince Naseem Hamed Reveals Who He Thinks The Best Modern Heavyweight Is

With the unification fight between Joshua and Deontay Wilder now not looking likely until next year at this point, possibly the only big fights we might now see between two of the three best heavyweights in the world before the year is out could involve either a Wilder and Fury rematch or Fury even taking on Joshua.

The latter being rather unlikely however.

Former featherweight king Prince Naseem Hamed feels there is only one winner in any of those fights do happen.

Speaking to IFL TV Naseem Hamed said:

“In my eyes Tyson Fury has proved himself in amazing fashion. For me he’s gone over to the States and basically proven that he is world class. After coming back the way he did come back, I ain’t really seen any heavyweight in a long time do what he did. All credit goes to him.”

He later added:

“Listen I don’t think there’s a heavyweiht right now, with how awkward that he (Fury) is and the way that he fights…”

He concluded:

“I actually find it hard to see anybody right now who’s a heavyweight beating Tyson simply because he showed against the WBC champion (Deontay Wilder), the gunslinger in my eyes, one of the hardest hitting men in the heavyweight division. For me he (Fury) won that fight clearly and I think a lot of people thought that he won that fight. It sealed it for me (that he’s the best). And that’s why in regards to Anthony Joshua I feel the same (that Fury would beat Joshua). For me Tyson Fury is at the forefront and he’s proved that he’s the best heavyweight alive today. I’ve got Tyson Fury beating any heavyweight alive today.”

As things stand all three of the world’s best heavyweights are scheduled to face opponents that are not one another, frustratingly.