Lennox Lewis Gives Take On Greatest Heavyweight Ever and Boxing Fans Debate Him

Lennox Lewis Gives Take On Greatest Heavyweight Ever and Boxing Fans Debate Him

Former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Lennox Lewis is up there certainly as one of the best fighters of all time from the UK and in the eyes of most — one of the great heavyweights in boxing history.

Putting a number on it though in terms of where he ranks when you are trying to compare heavyweights from different generations and eras is incredibly difficult for a number of reasons.

Could you say heavyweights in the pasy were tougher than many today?

Quite possibly.

The likes of Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey and Sonny Liston were probably some of the meanest and most hardened men to ever live during much tougher times for humaity.

But that said, as time goes on, athletes get smarter, faster, bigger and stronger with technological, training and nutrition advances in modern sports science.

That’s just the truth.

Former Lewis opponent and heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman thinks Lennox Lewis is the greatest heavyweight to ever live.

Here’s what the man himself thinks:


One thing is certain in this writer’s humble opinion, is that Lewis’ box-fight style with how he utilized his reach and jab to superb effect, coupled with his knockout power and ability to fight when he had to — would have made him a great heavyweight champion in any era.