We’re just over a week away from the biggest female world title boxing match in history when double Olympic Gold medallist Claressa Shields turned pro world champion takes on fellow world champion Christina Hammer on April 13th at the Boardwalk in Atlantic City in a fight to become undisputed middleweight champion.

There has been plenty of tension between the two boxers coming into the bout and with the fight edging closer now fight mode is really starting to get switched on for both of them.

Shields has mentioned that she only believes Hammer possess one good punch in her arsenal, the jab.

If that is her best punch it’s a formidable one to have mind you, as after all, it’s the most important punch in boxing that sets up everything and can act both as a range finder, weapon and distance control tool for taller fighters like Hammer.

Shields has faced taller opponents than Hammer before with more significant reaches and she says she’s not intimidated by the challenge ahead next Saturday.

Speaking on All Access Episode 2 Shields had a brutal warning for Hammer just over a week out:

“She’ll have pride maybe the first two or three rounds but after that I’m going to take her heart right out of her chest and hand it right to her.”

The fight will be live on Showtime and will have all four middleweight world titles on the line.

The two fighters have a combined undefeated record of 32-0 between them as professionals.

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