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Forget Giving Snowden Back His American Passport In Russia

Former heavyweight champion turned cannabis entrepreneur Mike Tyson has been tearing up the world of podcasts with his new show ‘Hot Boxing With Mike Tyson’ as of late.

The youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history has been dropping some real nuggets of wisdom on life mixed in what a lot of humor,ruthless honesty on his past and some outstanding behind the scenes stories on his boxing career.

In the latest episode of his show Tyson choked up when he was asked about how he got on during a recent trip to Egypt.

Tyson was honest in his assessment of it when asked and in his opinion reminded people why they are lucky to be from countries like America in the first place:

“Egypt is a trip. Listen man, there’s no particular driving laws there. I got hit in the back. I got ramrodded in the back of my own car. And so we we’re just driving, people are walking — we got hit in the back (by a car). You’ve just got to commit. When you are crossing the street because there’s no lights on the the cars they keep coming so you’ve got to just go and don’t hesitate or else you’re going to get it. Don’t hesitate and that’s what it’s about or else you’re going to get hit. No one has insurance there. America is the best. This is the best place in the world. I’ve been to all the countries, the middle East, European countries.”

He added:

“This is the only place where you can go to the law and say that’s him right there. In some countries if somebody violates you and hurts you, you point them out to the cop — the cop is going to take you right to him and let him do what he wants to do right in front of you. Be powerful? Trust me..”

On seeing Egyptian pyramids for the first time, Tyson enthused:

“The pyramids were just mind boggling. It was just a spiritual awaking. Imagine it took 30 years to build this s*** — you’re starting and your grand kids are finishing.”

Tyson retired from the sport of professional boxing with a record of 50-6-44KO.

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