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Forget Giving Snowden Back His American Passport In Russia

Floyd Mayweather proved a no show this week at a planned Filipino press conference to the frustration of many Filipino reporters but he did give some comments, finally, to one television outlet who managed to catch him while he was walking out of what appeared to be one of his shopping sprees.

Mayweather who is currently on vacation to the Philippines addressed various speculative recent reports that he was also on business during the trip as he was on rival Manny Pacquiao’s home turf in Manilla on Tuesday.

Mayweather who said he wanted the rematch with Pacquiao last year continued to be coy on the whole topic however when pushed on it.

Speaking to CNN Philippines the 42-year-old former pound for pound number one said:

“You’ll (Pacquiao) have to beg for a second time. I got the job done right for the first time. I always get it done right every time. Fifty times I went out there and I got the job done right. We’re not friends. I mean as a fighter I like him but we’re not friends. Nothing bad though. I think he is a hell of a fighter. The country that he comes from is a great country. The Philippines is a great place. Great people. I love the atmosphere and I look forward to coming back again.”

It’s interesting, he isn’t clearly ruling it out just yet and is almost goading Pacquiao in a way.

Interest gauging by old Money May? Possibly.

This could all just be publicity building behind the scenes by both men too mind you, but when it comes to Floyd Mayweather, you just never know with the money man.

His mind changes like the weather does daily. It’s no surprise this his name is May-weather in this regard (pardon the pun).

All in all, he’ll be back for some form of fight venture this year at some point.

Whether it’s a proper boxing match with Manny Pacquiao or just an exhibition bout again somewhere — time will only tell.

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