Pacquiao Could Be Playing Games With Mayweather Through Keith Thurman

Pacquiao Could Be Playing Games With Mayweather Through Keith Thurman

It has been reported in various places that Manny ‘PacMan’ Pacquiao could be in line to take on Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman next up in the summer following the two boxers both winning their opening bouts of 2019.

A quality match up from a style perspective, in fairness, and also a fight that Pacquiao even at 40 years of age stands a good chance of winning considering that Thurman looked a shell of himself in his return to the sport in his first fight of the year.

But the devil is in the detail as always in anything in work or life.

Floyd Mayweather is arriving in Manilla today and is expected to meet with Pacquiao to discuss a possible rematch for later this year.

In recent weeks Mayweather had returned to training and behind the scenes it is thought he’s testing his body to see if it could withstand a full on training camp for a twelve round championship fight against Pacquiao.

Not an exhibition bout (last New Year’s Eve in Tokyo) or a fight against someone making their professional boxing debut (Conor McGregor in 2017) — a proper title fight against an eight-weight division boxing icon no less.

While reports suggest Pacquiao vs Thurman is likely next up, this could just be a ploy from Pacquiao or even a back up option if talks for a Mayweather fight fall apart.

The big money is obviously in the rematch with Mayweather for him.

Then again, he could also take on Thurman in the summer and then Mayweather towards the end of the year to box three times in the same year.

Mayweather and Pacquiao are now both advised by the same guy in the form of Al Haymon too, so this could all just be a little publicity to test the waters once again before actually committing to a rematch with one another.

Mayweather flies back to Manilla in the Philippines today where Pacquiao is also based at the moment so it will be interesting to see what comes out of it.