Filipino boxing legend and Senator Manny Pacquiao knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity not just in the ring but in life.

Perhaps the weight-weight division boxing champion put it best himself recently on a trip to the UK where he addressed Oxford University students when he said:

“I do not have an Oxford degree but I have a degree from the University of life.”

Indeed he does, Pacquiao perhaps out of any boxer in the history of the sport overcame hardship and poverty on a scale that no one has ever seen before or perhaps ever will again.

His courage and fast hands in the ring are one of legend matched only by his fortitude, heart and kindness outside of the squared circle.

Pacquiao was so poor growing up that as the story goes one of his dogs he owned as a child actually was eaten as food to feed the family one day out of sheer hunger.

‘PacMan’ often recounts tales of how his mother would fill his and his brother’s stomachs up with water some days to battle back hunger as they went without food.

So when Manny Pacquiao posts this inspirational, gem of a video, people tend to listen pretty quick:

Good old Manny Pacquiao, a lesson and constant inspiration to us all.

As for his fight career in the ring it is thought that he is pursing a showdown with either Keith Thurman or Floyd Mayweather next up this year.

40-year-old Pacquiao returned to the ring earlier this year with a shut out unanimous points win over Adrien Broner in Las Vegas back in January, a man who was eleven years his junior.

It isn’t out of the realms of possibilities that Pacquiao could fight three times this year in the form of a Thurman fight next up proceeded then a mega rematch with Mayweather before the end of the year.

That said, one would suspect if the Mayweather rematch could be made that it would take precedence and he’d go straight into that as opposed to a bout with Thurman.

Time will tell.

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