Former WBC light-heavyweight world champion Adonis Stevenson on the same weekend as the man who beat him last time out who made his first defence — had a big win himself this past weekend it should be noted.

Stevenson has been recovering quickly since suffering a near life threatening brain injury last year.

Sep by step he has been improving in recent months from his speech to his physical and cognitive functions coming on all the time it seems.

Now as reported by ESPN via Michael Benson, Stevenson went home from hospital for the first time since the tragic injury happened last December:

Great news and a testament to the fighter he really is.

The above makes you think a lot.

In a time where boxing is doing better than ever before as a sport, with fight purses at an all time high for world champions, this really puts things into perspective about how much these fighters really deserve these paydays.

Despite all the tech and health advances the sport has seen, even in today’s times, the above shows you how dangerous boxing can be and how these fighters literally lay their lives on the line every time they fight for the public’s entertainment.

Stevenson had been regarded as one of the very hardest punchers pound for pound in boxing too.

If the above can happen to him it just goes to show it can happen to any boxer at any level in the sport.

Continued good wishes and recovery to him.

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