Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer Get Personal About Looks

Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer Get Personal About Looks

One of the biggest women’s boxing matchups in years is upon us iin the form of a middleweight unification showdown with all four belts (WBC, WBO, WBA and IBF) on the line.

On April 13th, double Olympic Gold medallist turned professional world champion Claressa Shields from America will square off with fellow title holder Christina Hammer from Germany.

The two are both undefeated in their campaigns as professionals thus far and their unification fight on April 13th will take place at the famous Boardwalk in Atlantic City live on Showtime.

Coming into the fight there’s clearly, clearly some genuine disdain towards one another.

To the point where the two young ladies have even brought looks into their trash talk in a bid to get underneath one another’s skin.

Speaking on All Access Episode 1 Shields brought up something that has not impressed her in the run-in to the fight, claiming she’s been harassed by her opponent online:

“Keep on harassing me on the internet. Doing what ya’ll do. She can keep posting her bikini pictures, keep liking them.”

To which Hammer interjected:

“You’re jealous, that’s why.”

To which Shields replied:

“I’m not jealous. My butt’s bigger than yours. I’m not jealous of you. See what I’m talking about! No (laughs).”

Shields went on to say:

“I’ve got DM’s from my fans saying she’s DM’s them saying I’m ugly. She’s DM’d them saying I’m fat. Some guy commented on her page saying I was a transvestite or something and she liked the comment. You call yourself being a world champion? It’s okay because I’m going to break her face when we fight.”

To which Hammer replied:

“I know, I’ve heard this a few times. It’s not new for me because maybe she is jealous of my face, I don’t know. But she has to catch me first before she can mess up my face.”

Coming into the bout on April 13th Shields holds a professional boxing record of 8-0-2KO and Hammer holds a record of 24-0-11KO.