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Eddie Hearn Gives Brutally Honest Interview

Promoter Eddie Hearn has come in for a lot of flack over the years for his brash and outspoken way of promoting his fighters and himself and has admitted that he’s upset many people on his way to where he is today.

Recently we reported on here how he talks a lot of s*** which of course he does, as a boxing promoter or any salesman does in fairness.

It’s just part of the Western capitalist world when someone is selling anything.

But that said, this interview with Kugan Cassius of IFL TV YouTube (hat tip) has to be one of the most brutally honest interviews ever seen in boxing and is an incredible watch, really, which has gotten a massive response already:

Fair play.

If it was a Commissioner in the NFL of NBA or someone else in a leadership position in another sport, you’d never get that kind of transparency and brutal, non corporate honesty from them.

Nor that level of time given to the media regardless of a media outlet’s size.

Hearn relentlessly gives up his time more than anyone to all boxing and sports media week in week out.

Overall, on the whole, there is without doubt a huge culture difference between the US and Europe.

Ultimately, though, if two boxers want to fight badly enough a fight will eventually happen.

Regardless of culture differences or where in the world a fight takes place.

Regarding the above video, Hearn shouldn’t change who he is at all. Not a chance.

Perhaps just tone down the arrogance and ego a tad if anything. At the end of the day be yourself — everyone else is taken.

From a boxing perspective there will come a point where these super fights that boxing fans are crying out for whether they be Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua will just have to be made.

There will be just too much demand for them to get done by the fans and too much money involved.

It’s up to fight fans to keep the pressure on to get these fights made.

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