A Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder rematch is hopefully in the works to happen by the end of the year after after both boxers deal with their respective upcoming opponents.

Wilder will fight near the end of May and Fury will box in mid June in fights both are expected to win, in truth.

After that, if there is any logic or sense in boxing (which there seldom is, admittedly) the two should be set for a mega rematch at the end of the year in the US.

The reason the stalling on the rematch appears to be happening is that both fighters’ respective teams appear to want to make the two even bigger stars in the US after their fight last December in LA captured the world’s attention.

Building a fight is important, sure, but it’s always a dangerous proposition in the heavyweight division.

Where one punch can literally derail a plan in the blink of an eye.

Fury, who’s always called Wilder a ‘dosser’ for sometime now, has added a new variation for his nickname for him amid calls for the rematch.

Speaking on BT Sport, Fury said:

“The fight’s got to happen. If it happens it happens. If it doesn’t he has already lost. He was nobody before he fought me. He lost to me. He’s still a nobody. (I have) no interest in talking about the bum. Big, bum dosser — that’s all he is.”

No doubt Wilder will have some sort of retort in the coming days.

Wilder recently confirmed his next fight will take place on regular Showtime (not on pay per view) against Dominic Breazeale later this year.