Out of any sport out there boxing perhaps can summon some of the most dramatic, Rocky like moments out of any due to its compelling nature.

A sport where things can be made fair with a single punch at times and popular convention and logic can sometimes be trumped with passion and intangible human qualities.

Sometimes in pro boxing a fighter might goad and taunt his opponent to try to get in his head and take him out of his game plan.

This can have mixed results.

Some can let it get to them and let their emotions get the better of them, whereas it can have the opposite affect on others who can become more focused and intent on dealing with what is in front of them.

It’s safe to say the latter applies to Sam Maxwell from the UK this past weekend.

Truly incredible stuff:

If there is a thing called boxing karma, well, that’s what it looks like.

Full credit to Sam Maxwell.

He reminded us why every once and a while why boxing really is the best sport of them all.

Magic stuff indeed.

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