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Mikey Garcia ultimately got shut out tonight on the cards by a much bigger, better and more skilled champion in Errol Spence.

Most going into the fight expected Spence if he was on song to dominate and he did.

But Garcia has nothing to be ashamed of, he gave it his all and was stepping up an entire two weight classes in one go for the fight.

Weight classes are there for a reason and Garcia can move back down to a more natural weight class next time out and go back to being the force in boxing that he was before tonight.

Speaking straight after the fight tonight, Mikey said:

“I really appreciate all my support. I want to thank everybody for coming out. It’s a great night. To all the fans of Spence, he’s a great champion. He is ‘The Truth’. He’s for real. He put up a great fought, executed a good game plan and he did well.”

He added:

“Like I said he came out and executed a good game plan. He kept the distance in his favor. His reach, his stance, it was awkward.”

He continued:

“He has power in the welterweight division definitely. He’s one of the strongest maybe. He does have a lot of knockouts. I felt good myself also but he does have a lot of power.”

On concerns that his brother wanted to pull him out of the fight, Garcia admitted towards the end he was looking for one hail Mary shot to knock Spence out:

“I thought I could land one good punch but it just wasn’t enough. He can take a punch.”

All in all another big night for the sport of boxing in a bout that nearly pulled close to 50,000 spectators in attendance tonight in Texas.

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