Lennox Lewis Recalls Judging Controversy Of Holyfield 1 On Anniversary

Man, where does the time go.

I can still remember watching Lewis vs Holyfield one as a kid growing up in Ireland.

One of my earliest big heavyweight fight memories.

This week saw the 20 year anniversary of the first Lennox Lewis vs Evander Holyfield fight take place.

A bout that was ultimately scored a draw but one Lewis would win and leave beyond a shadow of a doubt who was the winner of in the subsequent rematch that took place.

In many ways, you could say the first Holyfield fight was the making of the Lewis ‘star in that although he didn’t get the decision the world wide outrage at the time to the decision was huge and put the rematch on the map.

Lewis has been recalling it this week as the 20 years mark came up.

Speaking on Twitter he said:

“#OnThisDay in 1999, I faced @holyfield for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. The judges didn’t call it in my favour but I knew, Holyfield knew and the whole world knew, it wasn’t a draw. Nonetheless, Holyfield was the toughest competitor that I’ve shared the ring with.”

In some ways last December’s draw between WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury can be compared to the above.

A modern day judging controversy in the eyes of most over 20 years on but a fight that ultimately has grown both Wilder and Fury’s fame and star power hugely.

Particularly in America.

Time will tell how the history books write the rematch of their particular chapter if and when they do battle once more.