Mike Tyson Divulges Filthy Extent Of 80’s New York Prostitution and Corruption

In recent months former heavyweight champion of the world turned these days cannabis entrepreneur Mike Tyson has been wowing people with his new podcast ‘Hot Boxing with Mike Tyson’ where his entertaining stories are only matched by their hard hitting candid nature.

Growing up in New York as a young kid in Brownsville Mike Tyson had as tough an upbringing as perhaps anyone.

Speaking with comedian Joey Diaz on his podcast about how New York used to be back in the eighties — Tyson opened up about just how casual prostitutes were in public at one point:

“The cars were packed with hookers. Butt naked in the streets. The hookers were butt naked (in public)! Aids was at an all time high. People dropping like flies. In the streets you had to step over people (dead bodies from aids).”

He added:

“You have to see this situation. You’re in your car and these young beautiful girls are butt naked.”

He went on:

“Broads just in the open. Everything is going on. Cars are packed. F***. People would drive there just to see the hookers. It was like a museum.”

On how corrupt New York police used to be back in eighties when he lived there Tyson also revealed they even knew him on a first name basis as well as talking about how corrupt it was:

“The cops knew me by my first name and would used to say — how you doing today Mike?”

Wow, Mike Tyson.

A man with stories that could last a life time.

Not only the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history but possibly a person who has lived one of the most interesting lives in history.

Or at least is brave enough, honest and without ego enough to talk about them to the public.

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