Floyd Mayweather Has First Competitive Boxing Spar In Over Two Years

Floyd Mayweather has been travelling the world and enjoying life for the most part these last couple of years.

Technically, his last ‘fight’ came in his 50th professional boxing match back in 2017 against Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

A fight that when Floyd chose to turn it on — ended rather quickly in the end after coasting and in the eyes of many — carrying Conor for the first half of the fight.

Before that, Mayweather admitted he did some training for the fight but not a whole lot and didn’t spar that much before the bout.

That was around the last time he took any bit of sparring any bit competitively at all.

Most recently Floyd last New Year’s eve competed an exhibition in Tokyo where he admitted afterwards he didn’t bother training at all.

You could tell, he was badly out of shape in the contest.

But as he was taking on a novice boxer he proceeded to viciously knock out the young Japanese man with ease.

Now though, Floyd’s actually gotten in their with a young boxing contender in the gym in Vegas:

It has fuelled speculation that a possible rematch with Manny Pacquiao could take place later this year.

It is thought however that Floyd could just be seeing how his body reacts at 42 years of age in the gym.

So, a lot will tell how he feels physically in the coming weeks if he decides to take on Pacquiao a second time.

One thing about good old Floyd Mayweather is he never takes much risk.

If he thinks his legs are too shot to get in their with Pacquiao, even at his advanced years too (40), he could easily decide against one final pro boxing bout.

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