Recently some media outlets reported that former heavyweight champion of the world Lennox Lewis could be tempted out of retirement for a fight with fellow retired former champion Mike Tyson if he was given $100 million.

Other outlets even went further with the story than that.

Clearly, both men are far too old to fight again as professional boxers and the fact that some UK tabloids even reported on what was obviously a comment not meant to be taken seriously by Lewis was strange in itself.

Lewis simply laughed at the story suggesting he’d come out retirement for a Mike Tyson rematch:

There’s not a hope in a million years that these two old boys would fight at this stage.

There’d be perhaps a bit of an audience for it purely for the freak show nature of it but it would never get sanctioned or licensed in the first place.


When they did fight a decade and a half plus ago Lewis won the fight by stoppage in convincing fashion.

These days Lewis is a pundit as well as running many charities and doing appearances.

Mike Tyson also has different business interests and recently started a new podcast.

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