Fans React To Conor McGregor Getting Arrested In Miami

Fans React To Conor McGregor Getting Arrested In Miami

Online reports in the Miami Herlad allege that world fight star Conor McGregor has been arrested in Miami Florida for the following with the following mug shot even online already:

Early reports that he broke a fan’s phone don’t look good at all.

Not long ago Irishman McGregor had to turn himself in in New York following a warrant issued for his arrest after he threw a dolly through a window of a bus that was carrying UFC fighters and staff.

There was concern that he could have his US travel privileges taken off him at the time but his American attorneys were able to get him off the hook on that occasion.

Subsequently he returned to have a UFC fight in America last year as well as launching a wildly successful American whiskey brand in the same year.

Now that the above has happened though, this doesn’t look good at all as he was already on thin ice with the American justice system as it was.

It is important to note this is just an allegation at this point however and that McGregor is innocent until proven guilty.

Here’s some of what fans have been saying so far:

(Photo source and credit: David Ovalle Twitter)