For those who followed former heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson’s boxing career you’ll know the nickname he had at one point was the ‘Baddest Man On The Planet’.

A man who terrified his opponents in the ring with his mind games outside of it and ferociously spiteful knockout power inside of it.

Not many know how much of a student of the game Mike was and still is to this day however.

A well respected boxing manager once told me that when he looks for the opinions of others in boxing on big fights or fighters in the sport he always goes straight to Tyson first.

But these days Tyson is a much more mellow character.

A far more humble man.

Speaking on his podcast ‘Hot Boxing With Mike Tyson’ he got very emotional at one point speaking to comedian Joey Diaz.

Speaking with emotion in his voice admitted these days:

“I thought I was tough (back in my boxing days). I thought I was a tough guy and all that s***. I realized I’m not tough at all. I’m happy that one kid didn’t kill me. I’m very grateful. I’m very grateful (to be alive today).”

One of the most genuine things you’ll ever hear from any boxer really when you consider all the violence, drugs and crazy situations Tyson has been in during the course of his life.

If someone like Mike Tyson can admit that he wasn’t tough and intimate how grateful and thankful he is to still be alive to this day with such humility, it’s a lesson to us all really.

A far cry from the ‘Baddest Man On The Planet’ moniker from back in the day.

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