Rahman Jr Subtly Reveals Details Of The Mayweather vs Errol Spence Spar

Rahman Jr Subtly Reveals What Happened In Floyd Mayweather vs Mikey Garcia Spar

Mikey Garcia is being given a good chance to win this weekend’s super fight against IBF welterweight world champion Errol Spence in Texas but the closer the fight gets, the closer I’m just not convinced of it.

That said, Garcia deserves huge kudos for stepping up two weight classes to challenge Spence but I just think he could not only be going in there with a much stronger and bigger man but likely — a more skilled technician too.

Stories of Errol Spence beating up heavyweights in sparring are common when you talk to those in the boxing business who’ve been around him.

Although those tapes have not been released it wouldn’t be surprising at all.

This guy is a freak.

Don’t forget, this guy is the same guy who patiently broke down Kell Brook in Brook’s hometown of Sheffield to ultimately out box and out fight a very, very good world champion in Brook who had much more experience than Spence at the time to originally win the IBF welterweight crown.

Indeed, son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman, who’s now an undefeated heavyweight prospect himself as a pro (7-0) knows just how much of a powerhouse Spence really is.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Hasim Rahman Jr:

“I did see him box Floyd (Mayweather) though when they first sparred. (On how it went) Ya’ll see Errol Spence now — he’s world champion. He did his thing (against Floyd). If it was the other way round it wouldn’t have been no story (if Floyd won the spar). But when it is somebody (Floyd Mayweather) that has been to that level and has done that… Everything that happens in the gym stays in the gym but you can read between the lines…”

Reading between the lines it is clear Spence at least got the better of Mayweather in the spar but more than likely — gave him a whooping.

Sparring is sparring of course and Floyd had been known to take big shots and lose many rounds over the years in sparring but always produced when it mattered under the spot light on fight night.

That said, if Spence really did batter Floyd in sparring that shows you how classy an operator this young world champion really is.

This Saturday night we’re going to find out just how good both Errol Spence and Mikey Garcia really are.

Bring it on.